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Business Grants to Help the UK Economy

Access to capital is one of the single-greatest barriers to success for small businesses and start-ups in the UK. Without the necessary funds, a great business idea remains just that – an idea. It will probably never see the light of day when it comes to actual operations and product delivery. That’s why so many innovative, entrepreneurial ventures are doomed before they’re ever even realised.

About Us
At Business Grants, we specialise in helping our clients find the funding they need to launch their small-business ventures. Our dedicated team of researchers scour the available funding channels looking for new government grants, small business grants and loans that you can leverage to your advantage.

Our team of finance experts have gained access to hundreds of business funding programmes available in the UK. All you have to do is fill out a simple application on our website to set the wheels in motion. Once you apply, we will go to work reviewing the details of your business to determine which grant and loan programmes it may qualify for. We conduct this process manually, ensuring that every application we receive gets the due diligence it deserves.
We work with small business operators on a daily basis, and over time we have developed a keen understanding of the challenges our clients face. Getting a small business off the ground is difficult enough as it is – and that’s without even considering the need for business grants and other forms of small business funding.
Let our team of specialists assist you in securing the small business grant you need to take your start-up idea to the next level. That way you can focus your energy on other, more important aspects of ensuring the future success of your operations.

Securing a Small Business Grant is a Time-Consuming Process

We understand that starting a new businesses (let alone multiple businesses) is beyond time consuming. Just take a moment to consider the various hurdles that have to be cleared in the course of setting business operations in motion:


• Developing a product or service
• Determining your target market
• Setting up the business structure
• Creating a marketing plan
• Choosing a location
• Applying for relevant licenses
• Hiring staff
• Chartering accountancy and record-keeping services

And the list goes on. To be fair, the above points barely scratch the surface in terms of what it takes to launch a successful business – and we haven’t even mentioned the need to raise capital. Unfortunately, securing start-up business grants can be one of the most worrisome, time-intensive aspects of starting a new business.
Why waste worrying about how you are going to secure funding for your small business when you don’t have to? Let us help alleviate the stress in your start-up schedule by doing the legwork when it comes to sourcing funding channels. This will free you up to invest more of your limited time and energy in other aspects of the process. Working together, we can ensure that your new venture will get off to a roaring start – with all of the financial backing it needs to be successful.

A Diverse Range of Grants for Small Businesses

In our experience, many entrepreneurs simply aren’t aware of the wide availability of grants for small business owners. They assume that they’ll either have to go it alone – leveraging their own assets to secure what little funding they can – or else hope to find themselves in the good graces of a venture capitalist.
But the reality is decidedly different. The fact is that there are a wide variety of government grants for small business owners available. These include everything from specialised grants for women to broadly applicable business grants in the UK. If you are looking for funding for a small business, we can help connect you with the capital you need.

How We Provide Our Clients with Access to Business Grants in the UK

The process of applying for financial support for a small business in the UK is admittedly complex, but we have gone out of our way to ensure that our clients can get started as quickly and easily as possible. It all begins with the application, which you can complete right here on our website.
Finding an available small business grant is refreshingly simple thanks to our online system. All you have to do is enter a few basic details about your business so that we can determine how best to go about finding funding for you.
Once you have submitted your application, we’ll go to work finding appropriate sources for you to secure a small business grant or loan. There are no credit checks required, and our team will cross-check your application at no charge. Best of all, the application process is fast. In most cases, you’ll receive a decision within ten working days.
Leveraging our business grant database will save you an incredible amount of time. Once we’ve received the application, we’ll review it before forwarding it to funding programmes that are looking to fund small businesses just like yours. There is certainly no more effective way to secure grants for starting a business.

How it works

Step 1 Apply Online

Apply online using our online application form, once complete we will then book you in for a telephone consultation.

Step 2 Your Consultation

A grant adviser will run over your application with you by telephone and advise you on all available grants that you could be eligible for.

Step 3 Application Submission

We then submit your full application file to all the funding programs we have access to and receive speedy decisions.

Step 4 Receive Funds

If approved we will send you your grant agreement and information pack which will contain your business finance offer.

Starting or expanding your business has never been easier

With a high approval rate and funds delivered in 2-12 weeks, we make getting on with your business simple.

Who we lend to
UK registered business
Sole traders and Contractors
Companies, Trusts and Partnerships
Startups or expanding companies
Bad credit or current debts
18+ years of age ONLY
What you provide
Business idea or concept
Personal identification
Marketing plans and ideas
Possible business plan
What you’ll receive
£5k – £100k in funds
Non-repayable and repayable options
Terms from 1 to 25 years
No interest to low interest
Easy application process and fast approval
Future options and funding extensions
Why Business Grants Funding?

Access up to £ 100,000 in small business funding

Flexible repayment options to suit your business cashflow

More than 13 years experience and over 24,000 small businesses funded

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Business Grants. Business Funding Made Simple.

Business Grants is a leading small business finance provider powered by our connections with over 50 current grant providers. Business Grants leverages a proprietary underwriting platform to provide solutions to startups, small and medium sized businesses in the UK. You can apply by requesting an application form by email or over the telephone.

With more than 13 years experience and over £650,000,000 financed, Business Grants is UK’s largest and most experienced grant lender to small business. With a customer-centric focus on service, technology, innovation and simplicity; our vision is to support UK small businesses with effective and tailored small business funding solutions.

Our team puts your business at the centre of everything we do, catering to all of your requirements and delivering on our promise of exceptional customer service. Through non-repayable through to unsecured and interest free small business funding, we’ve helped small business owners capitalise on a multitude of opportunities that have either created great startup companies, improved business performance or pulled businesses out of a tight spot. Opportunities varying from: startups, store/site expansion, peak seasons, staffing, paying bills, acquiring stock, refurbishing, repairing and more – we have a comprehensive understanding of every industry. Here at Business Grants, we go beyond the traditional business finance organisation to genuinely understand your business and work with you to achieve the goals and objectives you seek through access to small business funds.

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